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Swift HEROES Romania 2020

Marshal Garden Hotel, Bucharest

Swift Heroes Romania is a one day conference in Bucharest, for developers, designers and project managers at all levels of experience with the Swift platform. The agenda will cover some of the hottest topics, including SwiftUI, RxSwift, Combine, User Engagement, Swift Package Manager and more.

To register your interest as a speaker at the first edition in Romania, use the link to Call for Papers in the menu please. We're looking for iOS experts and enthusiasts with a good story or case study to tell, a particular insight about an iOS function, or a new tool or technique to share.

Swift Heroes Romania is part of the global network of Swift Heroes events that benefit from access to global speakers & contacts, expertise & experience, while focusing on the all-important local network & market.

Be part of the first edition in Romania, learn & share and connect with peers at this professional events! Good to be there for social & business networking too :)


Testimonials from Swift Heroes Turin 2019

⇒⇒I'm extremely enthusiastic about all the agenda and all the things I can see and learn and I absolutely recommend everyone to come here.
Marina Sauc, iOS Developer, @Base Technology & Information Services

⇒⇒The agenda at this year's Swift Heroes is really high quality, it’s a pleasure
to be a part of the line-up and improve the Swift world
Fabrizio Brancati, Mobile Team Lead, @Nexi Spa

⇒⇒We always watch new markets really closely and Romania has been of interest to us for a long time. This is a really important market for iOS developers at the moment, and the community community there is growing and gaining momentum. I'm looking forward to meeting the speakers and attendees to Swift Heroes Romania. Francesco Ronchi, CEO @Synesthesia

⇒⇒I came here to Swift Heroes 2019 to have insight to the new Swift technologies and discover new ways of developing my apps and client apps.
Jacopo Antonio Causin, Freelance Software Engineer

⇒⇒I saw amazing things, I spoke with a lot of colleagues and I'm very happy to be here!
Roberta di Perna, Mobile Developer, @Betacom

⇒⇒I chose to come here, not only to learn Swift but also to meet other people from the community and it was successful because I have seen many people doing different things and
building different things, and they have inspired me to start exploring this world, so it's more about sharing than learning here today I think.
Cesare Giannetti, iOS Designer, @Bticino






tvOS / AppleTV

Development patterns

User Engagement


Machine Learning


Swift Package Manager



Serverside Swift

Panoramic Hall
Bucharest, Romania